Learn About Non-Invasive Shock Wave Therapy

Learn About Non-Invasive Shock Wave Therapy

Ease foot pain fast with DolorClast treatments in Clifton Park, NY

Are you having trouble recovering from a foot or an ankle injury? The Swiss DolorClast Method is a non-surgical shock wave therapy that promotes faster healing without medication.

Adirondack Foot Care offers DolorClast treatments for a variety of foot and ankle conditions, like plantar fasciitis and sports injuries. This treatment uses shock waves to ease inflammation, increase circulation and promote the natural healing of injured areas.

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The benefits of the Swiss DolorClast Method

The Swiss DolorClast Method is a go-to recovery treatment for stubborn foot and ankle injuries. This non-invasive treatment offers:

  • Immediate pain relief.
  • Natural healing in the body.
  • No post-surgery downtime.

Our doctors are well-versed in the Swiss DolorClast Method. Learn more about the benefits of DolorClast treatments now by calling 518-383-0302.