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What Is Orthotics?

Orthotics is the design, fabrication, fitting, and supervised use of devices that give external support to weak or abnormal joints or muscles. The most common items used for treatment and relief include heel inserts, foot pads, and ankle braces that can be custom-molded to your feet and body. They are all effective ways to relieve heel and foot pain.

Some people find that they can’t wear regular shoes because they are uncomfortable. That is why we are proud to sell products from the trusted brand, Dr. Comfort. This way you can walk, run, jog, and live pain-free again.


Orthotic Devices Are Useful For…

By offering exercise tips, important foot care information, and quality footwear, we can get you back on track to good health. From aerobic shoes and children’s shoes to tennis shoes, walking shoes, work footwear, winter footwear, and many other types of shoes, we have what you need for the best comfort underfoot. We offer specially-designed shoes for your specific condition.

  • Supporting the foot or ankle
  • Correcting foot deformities
  • Improving overall function of the foot/ankle

If you’re interested in custom orthotic devices, please get in touch with us today. We would be happy to go over with you where your problem areas are and suggest a product that will work best for your unique situation. Once you are properly fitted with your new device, you can get the support or correction that will make your day-to-day routine pain-free.

Orthotics in Albany, NY

Treating Heel Pain & Foot Pain - Clifton Park

The town of Clifton Park is in Saratoga County of New York. According to the US Census Bureau, the population of Clifton Park was 36,734 in 2010. Clifton Park benefits from being located 12 miles north of Albany, creating close ties with the city. Additionally, Clifton Park features numerous parks and trails, creating a town that has been recognized for a high quality of life. The town also features innovative residential designs and new architectural designs for economic development in New York’s Tech Valley.

Residents of Clifton Park enjoy walking to natural and architectural spaces in the town. Hiking around town or along the Mohawk River may become challenging if you have any foot or heel pain. Clifton Park residents trust Adirondack Foot Care to treat any kind of foot pain. Podiatric medicine can help you enjoy walking around the city again! If you need special care for fungal nail treatment, bunion surgery or heel spurs, please contact Adirondack Foot Care to schedule an appointment today!